Located in a renovated industrial building along the Alcântara waterfront, the museum offers visitors a diverse collection that spans across different regions and time periods. Among the notable items on display are Indonesian textiles and shadowplays, Japanese screens, antique snuff bottles, crucifixes crafted in Asia for Western export, and the impressive Kwok On Collection, featuring masks, costumes, and accessories.

The museum's mission is to establish and strengthen cooperation between the East and the West, with a particular focus on Portugal and Europe. By promoting knowledge, art, and culture, the Museum of the Orient serves as a bridge that fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the connections between these two regions.

Throughout the year, the museum organizes a vibrant program that welcomes artists, scholars, curators, and projects that explore various facets of Asia, its diverse realities, and identities. The educational service offers tailored activities for audiences of all ages, including school projects, workshops dedicated to Asian artistic and craft techniques, thematic and playful visits, and more.

Additionally, the museum provides courses and conferences that delve into topics such as history, art, material culture, and anthropology, with a special focus on Asia and its relationships with the West, particularly Portugal.

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Enriching performances bring the museum to life by showcasing traditional and contemporary music, dance, and performing arts from both the East and the West.

Furthermore, the António Alçada Baptista Documentation Center serves as a vital resource within the Museum of the Orient. As a reference center for documentary and bibliographic materials, it supports research, knowledge, and dissemination in the field of social sciences and humanities, specifically focusing on the historical and cultural relationships between Portugal and Asian countries.

Visiting the Museum of the Orient in Lisbon provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty, diversity, and interconnectedness of Asian art and culture. Whether exploring the remarkable collections, attending engaging events, or conducting research at the documentation center, visitors are sure to gain a deeper appreciation for the fascinating heritage shared between Portugal and the countries of Asia.

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