What is the Viva Viagem Card, you ask? It is a contactless smart card embedded with a chip that allows for easy payment and access to various modes of transportation. Whether you're planning to explore the historic neighborhoods, visit iconic landmarks, or enjoy the beautiful coastline, this card will be your reliable companion.

To obtain your Viva Viagem Card, you can conveniently purchase it at metro, ferry, and suburban train stations. Look for the ticket machines or ticket offices, where you'll find an English version available. Additionally, selected local PayShop selling points in Lisbon also offer the card. Remember, each traveler needs their own card, so if you're traveling in a group, make sure everyone has their own.

Once you have your Viva Viagem Card in hand, you can start your adventure. The card grants you access to Lisbon's buses, trams, and funiculars operated by Carris, including the popular Tram 15 to Belém and the iconic Tram 28. You can also ride Lisbon's three historic funiculars – Ascensor da Bica, Ascensor da Glória, and Ascensor do Lavra – as well as the Elevador de Santa Justa street lift.

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The Viva Viagem Card is also valid on the entire metro network, which covers all lines and connects you to various parts of the city. If you plan to explore the picturesque surroundings of Lisbon, such as Estoril, Cascais, or Sintra, the card allows for seamless travel on the suburban train (CP). Additionally, if you wish to visit destinations across the River Tejo, the card can be used on selected ferry routes.

It's worth noting that there are two types of Viva Viagem Cards: white and green. Both cards function the same within Lisbon. However, the white card is not valid for public transportation providers operating south of the River Tejo. If you're planning to visit areas like Cacilhas, Cristo Rei, or other destinations south of the river, make sure you have a green Viva Viagem Card with "zapping" credit. For any specific journeys outside the coverage area, you can easily purchase return tickets from the bus drivers.

By using the Viva Viagem Card, you'll enjoy the benefits of convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. No need to worry about carrying loose change or purchasing individual tickets for each mode of transport. Simply top up your card with the desired amount, and you're ready to explore the city at your own pace.

So, fellow travelers, make sure to equip yourself with a Viva Viagem Card before embarking on your Lisbon adventure. It's your all-access pass to the city's public transportation system, ensuring seamless journeys, and allowing you to discover the wonders of Lisbon with ease.