Batalha, located a short distance from Lisbon, is a recommended day trip for history enthusiasts. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mosteiro da Batalha, and the Museu da Comunidade Concelhia offer an opportunity to delve into Portugal's medieval past, admire stunning architecture, and gain insights into local culture. The town's charm, historical significance, and proximity to Lisbon make it an ideal destination for a rewarding day trip.
This museological project is based on a multipolar structure, with its main nucleus located in the town of Batalha, specifically at Largo Goa, Damão e Diu. The museum serves as a vibrant cultural center, fulfilling the functions of research, conservation, and promotion of the local cultural heritage, representing the way of life of the local population.

The museum portrays the life of this territory, starting from its geological, paleontological, and archaeological origins, and spanning through significant historical and artistic events up to the present day. It is a dynamic and interactive space, featuring a dedicated area for temporary exhibitions that are often organized in collaboration with the local community. This inclusive project ensures that a range of technical aids and solutions are available to facilitate access to the museum's content for all citizens.

Embracing the Local Identity:

The Museu da Comunidade Concelhia is deeply rooted in the local identity of Batalha and its surrounding areas. It serves as a platform to explore and showcase the unique heritage, traditions, and way of life of the municipality and its residents. By presenting the history, art, and culture of the region, the museum contributes to a stronger sense of local pride and appreciation among both residents and visitors.

Promoting Research and Conservation:

At the heart of the museum's mission is its commitment to research, preservation, and conservation. Through ongoing research projects, the museum strives to deepen our understanding of the region's history, culture, and heritage. It actively collects, catalogs, and conserves artifacts, documents, and artworks that are significant to the local community. By preserving these treasures, the museum ensures their availability for future generations.

Dynamic and Interactive Exhibitions:

The Museu da Comunidade Concelhia offers a vibrant and engaging exhibition experience for its visitors. The curated displays take visitors on a journey through time, unraveling the geological, paleontological, and archaeological roots of the region and highlighting key historical and artistic milestones. The museum employs interactive elements, multimedia presentations, and hands-on activities to create an immersive and memorable visit for people of all ages. Recommends

Community Involvement and Temporary Exhibitions:

A distinctive aspect of the Museu da Comunidade Concelhia is its commitment to community involvement. The museum actively collaborates with local residents, organizations, and cultural groups to co-create and curate temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions provide a platform for community members to showcase their cultural heritage, personal stories, and artistic creations. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of ownership and pride among the local community while also encouraging a diverse range of perspectives and narratives.

Accessibility and Inclusion:

The M.C.C.B. places great importance on accessibility and inclusion, ensuring that its exhibits and facilities are accessible to all visitors. The museum provides a range of technical aids, including audio guides, tactile displays, and multilingual materials, to facilitate engagement and understanding for individuals with different abilities and backgrounds. This commitment to inclusivity promotes a welcoming and enriching experience for all visitors.

International Recognition:

The recognition received by the Museu da Comunidade Concelhia, including the Best Portuguese Museum award and the Kenneth Hudson Award, demonstrates its excellence and impact within the field of museology. These accolades highlight the museum's dedication to preserving and promoting the local heritage of Batalha on both a national and international level. Such recognition not only validates the museum's efforts but also attracts a broader audience, contributing to the cultural and economic development of the region.

In conclusion, the Museu da Comunidade Concelhia (M.C.C.B.) stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and celebration in Batalha. With its multipolar structure, commitment to research and conservation, dynamic exhibitions, community involvement, accessibility initiatives, and international recognition, the museum plays a crucial role in promoting and honoring the identity and history of the Batalha Municipality and its residents. Through its engaging and inclusive approach, the M.C.C.B. ensures that the rich heritage of Batalha remains alive, relevant, and accessible to present and future generations.

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